CBSE School in Rajinder Nagar; Among CBSE schools, J.D. Tytler School is well-known. The CBSE curriculum prioritises skill-based education. The emphasis is on skill development rather than content. It attempts to instruct kids on how to use freely available content. The board is commonly used in India. Thus, moving from one state to another is not difficult. In Grades 11 and 12, the CBSE adopts a coffee shop strategy, allowing pupils to design their own combinations. They can study economics or commerce in addition to science. Due to the board's emphasis on students, the examination timetable is lax and spread out throughout the course of the year (two years for Grades 10). Co-curricular activities made up the majority of the curriculum up until Grade 10.Priority is given to value-based education and life skills. In Grade 11, students have a wide variety of options, including entrepreneurship, business studies, creative writing, and more.


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